Dialogs can not be used by keyboard

Steps to reproduce

  1. Cmd-P (search command) - Delete current file
  2. Delete file confirmation dialog pops up
  3. Tabbing possibly moves throught the buttons, but it is impossible to tell which button is selected.

Expected result

  • A clear indication (white frame? Bold text? Anything!) of which button is currently active.

Actual result

No visual feedback or keyboard shortcut indicator is visible.
Delete file requires mouse interaction if delete file confirmation is turned on (and that should be).
(Keyboard shortcuts for dialog modals)


  • Operating system: 11.2.2
  • Obsidian version: 0.11.5

Additional information

Keyboard navigation is working pretty well with the command-p search command feature and the configurable hot keys. Styling the button with the focus should bring it to 100% I think. So far in any case.

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It’s not a bug. You linked the relavet feature request.