Hi all! I am using the “Diagrams” plugin to create drawings and diagrams (SVG files).

And I have one problem.
When switching from a dark theme to a light one, the font color remains white.

Is there any method to create universal drawings/diagrams for any theme (dark/light) so that the font color automatically changes from white to black and vice versa?

When viewing the code generated from this plugin it reveals that the plugin generates temporary images, this means that most likely it’s hard to use CSS to change the appearance of the generated image, unless the plugin respect some global CSS somehow. I rather doubt that to be the case, but I could be mistaken.

Therefore I consider the alternative to be that you change your diagram to include a large rectangle, send that to the back, and choose an appropriate background color for it. This way the diagram will keep the same background color not depending on your current scheme within Obsidian.

Alternatively, I think you need to reach out on the github page of the plugin, and ask the developer if there are some way to do this more elegantly. Yet again, this plugin hasn’t been changed in the last two years, so I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the answer.

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