Diagrams and link to blocks

Things I have tried

Need a help with diagrams:

graph TB

A[“Contexto de enf multiglandular (HPTP familiar, MEN)”]
B[ Localización preoperatoria#^836400]
C[ Técnica quirúrgica#^821754]

A --NO–> B
A --Sí–> C

class B internal-link
class C internal-link

What I’m trying to do

I want to name those B and C not with links to the blocks they have, but with another words and I dont know how (like here: [[ Técnica quirúrgicas#^821754|Exploración bilateral]] the link is visible not with the actual “link to block” but with the name “Exploración bilateral”)

I tried different types of standart symbols and searched in the internet, but havent found a solution yet

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