Diagram/drawing plugin

I’m an engineering student who just started learning about Zettelkasten & using Obsidian. Unfortunately most of my coursework has diagrams and drawings taking up 60% of my notes. That being said, a lot of the topics between these diagrams would heavily benefit from being able to be linked or tagged. For example, an engine diagram might have a link towards [[sine curves]] and [[spring dampener systems]] within the diagram, or in a caption-style text of sorts. Perhaps a more easily implementable idea could be having a “diagram link” feature which opens another window with the full diagram instead of a page; this would also pair nicely with page preview, as you could quickly scroll over a word to remind you of what it looks like with a picture.

I would never be able to understand what a toroidal solenoid ↓ looks like without drawing it myself in the margin.
But having it break text disconnects the diagram from the explanation of what all the bits n pieces inside it mean, especially in topics where 5-10 diagrams & pictures might be needed on a page.
I still use obsidian for all my other research interests, but this feature would be immeasurable for finally moving away from tablet notes for engineering coursework.


Have you tried linking the image file (saved as an attachment in a folder, rather than one pasted from the clipboard) without !, e.g., [[Engelbart.jpg|a portrait]] instead of ![[Engelbart.jpg]]?

By doing so, Obsidian gives a preview of the file (here, the image itself) when you hover the link.

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