Detailed menu for notes

Things I have tried

Clicking on the three dot menu for my note.

What I’m trying to do

In earlier versions of Obsidian, each note had a three dot menu that had a long list of options, including options to open note in system default. This appears to be gone in Obsidian 1.0 (or I can’t find it)

Has this menu moved somewhere else?

Have a look at Settings > Appearance: “Show tab title bar” :grinning:

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Thanks, that toggles the three dot menu, but it still only has a few options:

Try a note of your own. There should be a lot more.

The release notes have some restrictions in place. Don’t know why. I noticed I can’t ctrl+f to find. :cry:

:man_facepalming: That was it. It works on my notes just fine. Didn’t even think to check other notes. Thanks @ariehen!

Hi @ariehen - a total noob question - I clicked “solved” under your reply, but is there anything else to do to mark the thread as solved?

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I think that because the release notes are baked into the app instead of it being a markdown file like any other note.
It is rendered differently than a personal note. You can’t edit or show things that you would be able to do with personal notes.