"Destination File Already Exist" When Changing a File's Capitalization

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Hi. How do I change a file names’s capitalization? When I edit the file name “investing branches” into “Investing Branches” it gives me an error of the “Destination File Already Exist”. How do I solve this one without comprising the backlinks already linked with this file? Thanks.

Slightly annoying workaround: do the rename in two steps. For example “investing branches” to “A Investing Branches” and then “A Investing Branches” to “Investing Branches”. That should at least get you unstuck until someone comes along with a better idea.

If you have a note titled investing branches and another titled Investing Branches, and if you only want content from investing branches, delete the Investing Branches file.

To capture any links from Investing Branches,

rename investing branches to —> Investing Branches,

and then return the name to investing branches..

This action requires that you allow Obsidian to auto-update internal links.

It would cause Obsidian to update links to match Investing Branches and, when renamed, update the links once more to match investing branches.

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