Deleting obosidian and start fresh

I have tried to start using obsidian, but I have made a total messed it up. I have deleted obsidian and reinstalled. Keep getting the old messed up vault and folders. Some of it I don’t even know where it came from.

How can I clear EVERYTHING and start from ground zero.

This is all new to me so please keep response as simple as possilbe. Thanks in advance for helping.

New vault, new start, always.

I’ll just expand on what @GLight said.

Reinstalling the app won’t change anything.

All your settings for your vault are stored right inside your vault. Under a hidden folder called YourVaultName/.obsidian/

So to make a fresh start, you can just create a new vault. And then you can either delete the old one. Or to be more safe, you can keep your vault files on your computer, but remove it from the list of vaults.

  1. Go to “Open another vault”
  2. Create a new vault
  3. For your old vault, click the 3 little dots beside the name. And then “Remove from list”. Your files won’t be deleted from your computer, so you can safely back them up or grab anything you want to keep from there.

You can keep your old vault as an archive in case you want to import some of the content. On the bottom left Open Another Vault → Create New Vault and then select a new location for your new vault.

In that same window your existing vault is still there and you can press on the 3 dots to remove it form the list.

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