Deleting folders and accessing Templates in Hotkeys

Dear Obsidian community

I am an absolute beginner at using Obsidian, and am presently discovering how to properly set up the app for efficient (as efficient as an ignoramus can be) use. I have been following this video My simple note-taking setup | Zettelkasten in Obsidian | Step-by-step guide - YouTube for guidance. About time point 6:10 there is an introduction to the concept of templates in Hotkeys (mind that I have yet no idea of the meaning of either term). I have attempted to add “Templates: Insert template”, but when I write templates in the Filter… search bar of the Hotkeys tab of Options I don’t find any relevant results, nor do I find the above “Hotkey” (Is ‘Templates: Insert template’ a Hotkey? What is a Hotkey?). Another difficulty I have met with regards the issue of deleting folders, a matter I have found no information on anywhere yet. I am ignorant on a great deal of matters pertaining to computers and know virtually nothing of the Obsidian application, so it would not be inappropriate to treat me as if I were a medieval peasant acquainting themselves with a digital tool for the first time. If I have ventured to request explanations on topics that would be too cumbersome to explain then I would be glad to be directed to a relevant resource that can address my concerns.

Sincere thanks for any assistance addressed to the above queries

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Hello, Hotkeys are basically keyboard shortcuts that can execute commands from the command palette.
This template commands are not showing up to you probably because you have the core plugin “Templates” disabled, enable it in the settings and the template commands will probably appear.

To delete a folder in obsidian, right-click the folder and click delete


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