Deleting a canvas card with DELETE button deletes the canvas file

Use case or problem

  1. Open a canvas file with at least one card
  2. Select the card by clicking on it
  3. Press DELETE button on your keyboard (windows)


The card gets deleted


The canvas file is deleted completely!!

Proposed solution

Handle or disable the delete keyboard key on windows when inside canvas files.
Change the focus from the file explorer into the canvas card object when a card inside a canvas file is selected?

Current workaround (optional)

I’m too used to deleting things by selecting them and pressing DELETE.
So I have deleted by accident my canvas file more times than I care to admit. Luckily Sync deleted files option is there to save the day, but I would love it for canvas files to not be so easy to delete, specially when some of them have a lot of work inside

This is not default behaviour on v.1.1.16. Everything works as expected in my vault. The only time I’m asked if I really want to delete a file is if I selected it in the File Explorer and did not focus on the Canvas, which is the behaviour I would expect. If I select a card, DELETE will delete only that card.
I see that you are an Insider so maybe this bug has come up with one of those releases, but in any case it would help if you post your Debug Info. Also, see if it happens in the Sandbox Vault, maybe one of your Plugins is interfering.

I can’t reproduce. post a screen recording of this happening in the sandbox vault.

Hello WhiteNoise. Would you mind pointing me to the sandbox vault so I can try to reproduce it? Thanks

You can open the Sandbox Vault through the Help Menu.
The Help Menu can be reached in three ways. It can be opened by clicking on the ? on the left ribbon / clicking F1 / or by using the command palette Ctrl/Cmnd + P -> Open help.

Thanks Olondre! I will try to get back to this right after work

I tried to reproduce on the sandbox vault and couldn’t, which I am guessing means some of my plugins are causing this issue.
Thanks for pointing me in this direction, now I can investigate which plugin it is :smiley:

Doesn’t necessarily have to be a plugin - could it be that you configured your DELETE key (in the hotkey settings) to delete the currently active file?

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