Deleted vault

I’m having a lot of problems in trying to export or share my notes by e-mail or other ways. In trying to find solutions, I have opened one of my files into a new vault, and when I deleted the extra vault, these files were deleted from the original one.

Now I have two problems:

  • how do I share or export documents (Pandoc is not compatible with my device)? When I try the share button by e-mail it says that the file was not included; I tried EX Files to access the files from my tablet, but when I try to open Obsidian file it says that the access to it is restricted, and to correct that all data would be deleted.

  • Of course, in the trying of finding ways to have access to these notes I have accidentally deleted one entire file full of notes that was separated to a new vault, I don’t know why. I desperately need these notes. How do I recover them? By accessing the recovery option of Obsidian I could only locate notes I have edited recently.

Please, help! I clearly don’t know what I’m doing. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Probably you will need to provide information about the device on which you use Obsidian. I can guess from the context it is some mobile device, but for clarity and increasing the chance you get quickly adequate help, do provide as much detail as possible about your specific setup.

Ah, sure!
It’s a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.

Can you explain the exact steps you took to “open” a file in a new vault?

Is it possible you moved the file from one location to the other?

Is the deleted vault available in any system trash?

Just to make sure, you are mentioning the “File Recovery” plugin, right? Or something different?


On the first page of the app, where you can see your vaults, I clicked in “Open folder as vault”. I selected one of my folders, and it opened in a new vault with the same name of the folder (different from the original vault). Then I realized that the same files were in the new vault (named tecnologia) and in the original one (named mestrado). So I noticed that it was not what I was looking for, so deleted the new vault, which then deleted also the notes from the original folder back in the mestrado vault.

I can’t find anything in the system trash. And, yes, I’m talking about the “File Recovery” plugin.

I made a test, trying to create a random new vault and deleted it, and the message said that was a definitive action. What I don’t get is why my folder was duplicated but then everything was deleted. :smiling_face_with_tear:


I don’t think I can help any further. I don’t know anything about the filesystem of a Galaxy Tab. And I don’t quite understand what happened.

It almost sounds like you maybe opened an existing vault, or maybe you picked a folder above the vault, and opened a vault as a vault? And then maybe deleted the top vault with the old vault inside it? Is that potentially what happened?

📁 tecnologia (NEW vault)
-- 📁 mestrado (OLD vault, that was inside the folder "tecnologia")
  -- 📝 your notes

A vault is just a folder on your device. So if you opened a folder that was a parent of mestrado, and then deleted that parent folder, the files and folders underneath would also be deleted.

“Open folder as vault” would not duplicate any files. It would only add a hidden .obsidian folder in that folder to mark it as a vault. And then that vault would access the files that were on your system.

But some of the things you are saying make it sound like you were still able to navigate your old vault in some way. So again, I’m quite confused by what steps actually happened.

I don’t know if you are going to be able to recover these notes or not. But I extremely highly recommend you begin keeping regular backups of all your important data. Even if it wasn’t a mistake, sometimes hard drives can just crash too. It’s vital to have safe copies; especially when the work is important to you. :frowning:

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