Deleted posts still show up in autocomplete -- how to remove them from autocomplete?

Originally I created post called godot under 2 separate folders called 16-journals and 20-inbox

Then I deleted them both and properly reorganized to use one under 26-software

But subsequently when i type I can still find them under autocomplete.

What should I do to prevent such zombie notes from appearing in autocomplete?


Hm. My guess is that they’re still in your Obsidian trash, but I can’t recall how emptying the trash is governed (away from my desktop at the moment).

If you want to avoid this behaviour, though, there is a preference for what happens to deleted items. You can switch it to use the system trash or to delete items forever, and both of those should avoid this issue moving forward.

Do you have [[godot]] in any other notes? Deleting the file does not delete links in other notes.


That’s interesting. Is there any option to turn on the removal of links alongside with notes being deleted?

No, but that’s a good feature request. I imagine just removing the [[]] around the words.


Thank you. THis is the answer. I don’t know how to mark your reply as Solution. THank you anyway :bowing_man:

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