Delete when text is selected

If you don’t know what key you pressed, you go into a mode where the selected text is deleted, and when you undo it, the text is immediately deleted.

In this mode, text is underlined.

Sorry, this is unclear. What happened? Can you re-explain the key presses?

This sounds like you entered VIM mode, maybe.

How do I get into VIM mode so I can check if I’ve strayed into it?
And can you tell me how to get out of this mode?
Thanks a lot.

Preferences → Editor → Vim key bindings (at the bottom of the list)!

我也多次出现这种情况,在选择文字时,其它文字出现下划线,如删除了文字,用Ctrl-Z 是不能恢复的,而我确定我的VIM是不没有启用的,不知是什么原因??

Sorry, please post in English!


She said that she had the same problem that I had. In this mode, some text would be underlined, and then there would be no way to undo the deleted text with CTRL + Z. Finally she mentioned that she was not in VIM mode and also wanted to know the cause of the problem

So,do we have a solution? I have the same problem, and I am not in Vim mode. How to avoid this problem?

Is this problem only happens when input Chinese? My solution is to just close the file when the underline appears. And when I open the file again, the underline disappear. Everything is fine. I think this might be a bug.

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I have encountered the same problem.