Delete matching bracket/link to easily remove link?

I am frustrated because removing links from web scrape is not an easy task to do.

I think, we could delete matching bracket (and accompanying parenthesized part in case of a md link) as easy as we can create them.

Backspace does delete them if it was just created, but after that, or it’s in pasted texts, we are out of luck. What I imagine is that I move the cursor through the text, and at the right before the opening bracket, one press on delete key could:

  1. In wiki links, remove a matching bracket to make it single bracketed text.
  2. In a single pair of brackets, remove brackets. If it is a MD link, so a parenthesized part follows, delete them all as well.

Is there any way I can achieve this behavior? If I need to develop a plugin to do that, what is the best starting point? Is there a very similar plugin that I can learn from?