Delete and don't ask again should have checkbox to change setting

Steps to reproduce

The “Delete file” dialog has 3 buttons.
The most dangerous button is the first, and it is also the biggest and bright red (attracts interest).
The distracted user likely clicks on it quickly and inadvertently.

Expected result

A dialog box with a checkbox to remember the user’s choice to delete anyways (that changes the setting), a Cancel and a Delete button.

[Cancel] [Delete]
[ ] do not ask again

This way, the user has to perform 2 operations in order to make the dialog disappear.

External link on bad confirmation dialogs:

(on the plus side, nobody does Captchas to delete files yet :slight_smile:)


Wanted to +1 this. Would be great if when you select “Delete” the confirmation dialog appears, and the Delete button is active, so I can hit “Enter” or “Return” to delete the file.

The Cancel button should be secondary and accessible by tabbing.

The “Do not ask again” could be a checkbox that is always there and it’s checked or not based on how you’ve set the setting.


It is very annoying behaviour currently. Each time I delete file, I just want to see the confirmation and hit Enter to confirm the operation. But if I do so, the settings just changes and I don’t have confirmations any more.

UPD: For those struggling as me, I’m now using a CSS-snippet, which I’ve added in Appearance settings:

body > div.modal-container.mod-confirmation > div.modal > div.modal-button-container > button:nth-child(1) {
  display: none;

This removes that first button, and if you just hit Enter, nothing happens - which might even be better than instant confirmation. Instead to confirm first press Tab twice - and then Enter.

WARNING: This will probably break other confirmation popups as well.


Use case or problem

now I have two buttons to delete file:

Pasted image 20210104160412

When I click the bigger one - I change a setting


I can do this incidentialy and after that my deleted files will be moved to system folder.

Proposed solution

To change a Delete and don't ask again button to a check box
which some one should check and then click delete (only highlited button)

Current workaround (optional)

Do not click in larger button


This is another “me too” post. The current button situation is a big UX anti pattern.


Hello, sorry for bumping an old thread but I was just create a topic with exactly same concerns with previous posters. Was a bit curious whether if it was me only but turns out it wasn’t :slight_smile:

just downloaded Obsidian, looks pretty promising so far!


It’s as if Obsidian hates asking for confirmation.

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One more +1.
I had exactly the same issues and Google brings me here.
This “Delete and don’t ask again” button makes me change my settings and then I deleted some files by mistake without the confirmation prompt.


This really is a no-brainer. It really shouldn’t take 1.5 years (still counting) to implement…

Couldn’t find a section called “Design” so thought this would fit within bug reports best, feel free to move elsewhere if you feel it does not belong here:

I have recently started using Obsidian and I happen to be specializing in UI/UX design. I have bumped into one dialog that bothered me and I’d like to propose an alternative UI solution for it.

Solution in Figma:



thanks, moved to FR

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Currently, the delete file confirmation dialog defaults to “delete and don’t ask again”. So, if I just hit return, it turns off the confirmation. I think that is the wrong behavior. The default should be just to delete the file without turning off the confirmation. As it is now written, I have to explicitly hit delete (avoiding the button that says “don’t ask again”) every time I delete a file. This is true even though I don’t ever want to turn off the confirmation. People who want the confirmation off currently, just hit return. They no longer see the dialog at all. This seems backwards for minimizing moving your hands off the keyboard.


This particular request could go in

1 Like Option #2 looks great. Nice work all around.