Delete an empty folder without confirming

Use case or problem

When a folder is empty, and I want to delete it, it should do so immediately after selecting Delete. Instead, it asks for a confirmation. Obsidian is file based, if a folder is empty, what downside exists if it’s an accidental deletion? It can be done again trivially.

If not empty, then yes, a confirmation being required makes more sense, hence I do not allow it to always ignore the confirmation.

Proposed solution

Just skip the confirmation dialogue for deleting empty folders.

Note, maybe some care needed when implementing if files are not available locally because of using some cloud storage provider? And a folder is only empty locally but not actually (but I guess these systems always leave some placeholder files like Dropbox does? not sure)

I can see the usefulness in this, but what if the folder contains files that are not managed or are ignored by Obsidian? For example binary files such as spreadsheet, wordprocessor document, HEIC image, XMP image sidecar file, or other markup languages like .cook (cooklang) files, etc.

Thanks for thinking of this. The definition of empty is at the OS level, literally no files in it. As opposed to no files visible via Obsidian