Defining groups in graph view with tags pulls from tags in dataview query

What I’m trying to do

In my graph view, I define a group using the tag #x. This colors notes tagged with #x red, as desired.

However, there are other notes which are not intended to be tagged as #x, but which do contain dataview queries operating FROM #x. The graph view grouping interprets these notes as being tagged as #x and colors them red. This is not the behavior I would like the graph view to have.

The solution would seem to be to tell the graph view group definition to exclude instances of #x that occur inside a dataview query as belonging to the group defined by notes tagged with #x. However, I’m not sure how to do that.

Things I have tried

I tried specifying that the group should only be defined by notes that have the dataview field “tags” defined as #x, i.e. tags:: #x. However that didn’t work. It seems like the grouping algorithm is just looking for any instance of #x in the note regardless of context.

Actually, it seems like just defining the graph view as "tags:: #x" (including the quotation marks) does the trick. This works for me since all the notes that I want grouped as #x also happen to contain dataview fields set as tags:: #x.

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