Define tablewidth for dataviewjs tables

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What I’m trying to do

I have a dataviewjs script that collects information from my vault and prints it into a table with the below code. At the moment, the table is always 100% width, but I am not able to style it with my custom css. It seems like the class or type is not accessable for me. Does someone know a good way to achieve this?

const projectsTableArray = [];
let i = 0;
for (let projectName in extractedValues) {
    if (extractedValues.hasOwnProperty(projectName)) {        
        let project = extractedValues[projectName];       
        projectsTableArray[i] = [projectName, project.time];

dv.table(["Projekt", "Zeit"], projectsTableArray);

Nevermind, found the solution:

Create a custom css file:

.table-view-table {
    width: fit-content;

Add this file with Preferences → Options → Appearance → CSS Snippets → Click the folder icon and add your file.