Define CSS colors

Use case or problem

I am trying to modify the day planner plugins CSS to reflect my custom day planning. I have found this CSS snippet:
Change color of Timeline Items · Issue #122 · lynchjames/obsidian-day-planner (
and started modifying it. It works very well but there is one issue: I can only define 10 colors. I tried adding more in this way:

.event_item_color11 {
  background-color: #FCD97C !important;

But the plugin does not pick up the colors defined in this way. Block numer 11 in day planner uses defined color 1, block 12 defaults to color 2 and so forth

Can somebody please help?

I am too much of a CSS noob to understand what’s going on. I suspect it has to do with how numbers are being translated into binary code. But that is about as far I get and it’s not even near a solution…

I am not sure whether this is supposed to go in “showcase” as a lot of CSS discussion happens there. What do you think?

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