Default view mode v0.6.5

Steps to reproduce

the setting is "Toggle default view mode". When you click on that it only changes the default view. However, if I have a note open in say Edit mode, and I close Obsidian, then reopen it, that note is still in Edit mode, even if the default mode is Preview.

Expected result

The note to open in default view mode.

Actual result

The note opens in the mode when it was open at Obs closing.


MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave
  • Operating system:
  • Obsidian version:
  • Using custom CSS: Red Graphite

Additional information

I’m not sure what that it is expected behavior.

If I was on a half-way editing and closed the app I expect to open application and continue editing.

EDIT: I think the naming is not very informative. “Default view mode” for what?

  • When you open a note?
  • When you create a new note?
  • When you start Obsidian?

@mrjackphil To me default view mode indicates the mode it is in when the app is opened, i.e. when you start Obsidian. That is how I have always experienced “default”.

The default view mode sets in which mode a note is opened (either by clicking on the filename, or the link, etc).

view mode editor: note will be opened in edit mode
view mode preview: note will be opened in preview mode

This is not a bug really. I agree it might be confusing.

@WhiteNoise OK, got it. Should I delete this bug report? If yes, how?

I’ll do it. If you have suggestion on how to name things and avoid confusion. I think the obsidian section of the forum is better.

@WhiteNoise: the way you explained it is fine.
Title: How to implement the default view mode.