Default theme style settings

Use case or problem

Integrate default theme Style-Settings-like theme settings.

There’s a big negative to using the default theme for those of us who aren’t a CSS wiz like some of you out there: there’s no easy way to change theme settings without custom CSS.

I’d love to use the default theme, and retain some of the fancy things from Minimal. I could just integrate custom CSS but that’d take a lot of my time and energy, which may have to be adjusted in the future if things change and break it.

Proposed solution

Institute baked-in default theme settings a-la Style Settings plugin. We don’t necessarily have to rely on the plug-in itself, just something similar where we can adjust default theme features.

Current workaround (optional)

Custom CSS. Many of us lack this skill set entirely or are not good enough for it to be a quick fix if something breaks.


Great idea, it would benefit many users, who are not fluent with CSS, and need to tweak only a small subset of options.

For example just to change Obsidian background color (like color schemes for separate light and dark modes in “Minimal Theme Settings” plugin) and modify some contrast from a set of presets.

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