Default Colour Scheme should follow system default

Use case or problem

Obsidian ignores user settings for Colour Scheme from installation and later. If the user changes the scheme to light, which they should not need to do for the system default has already been set, there are still areas of the program that enforce Dark mode; at least two those being Open Help and Switch Vault.

Proposed solution

The default within Obsidian should be “Adapt to System” NOT Dark mode from installation. This is vital for anyone who has set their system to Light because of Mears-Irlen Syndrome.

Also all panels that currently do not honour the selected colour scheme must be updated to do so.

Current workaround (optional)

The user is forced to call up Preferences > Appearance > Colour Scheme to change this disability discrimination. And even then it makes no difference in certain areas of the program’s interface specifically at least the Open Help and Switch Vault panels.

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