Deepgram transcription via Audio Notes plugin

What I’m trying to do

Using the Audio Notes Deepgram community plugin by Jason Maldonis, I am attempting to ‘Generate quick audio recording with transcription’

Things I have tried

What I have tried:

I have checked my Deepgram account and it is set up for payment and has a credit balance. I have copied the Deepgram API key and added it to Audio Notes options under ‘Deepgram API’. I have created a key shortcut and added it to the ribbon.

On initiating the command ‘Generate quick audio recording with transcription’ I get a screen a screen prompting me to adjust settings e.g. transcription language. There doesn’t appear to be any way to save this preference. I initiate recording using the mic button and speak a short trial message. Finish recording (tap mic icon again) and I see ‘Recording finished: Getting transcription from Deepgram.’ Which persists. Nothing appears here or anywhere else (established by search).

This tells me that the recording part is happening, but the Deepgram transcription isn’t, for some reason.

Not sure how to debug this further and entirely open to the suggestion that this is ‘operator error’!

I managed to get a transcript using this plugin on on desktop — so that shows the Deepgram account is working.
But not on mobile!
Mostly I use iOS devices for dictation and transcription. I can’t make this plugin work on iOS beyond ‘Getting transcription…’