Decrease gutter width?

Is there an easy way to decrease the gutter width? Most of my notes have 2 or 3 digit line numbers and right now it looks like there’s room for 5 digits with the default theme and 12 digits with minimal. if i collapse the left sidebar there is even more wasted space! i don’t mind mucking around with CSS files if someone told me what to add or edit. i can’t seem to find anything that refers to the gutter width.

thank you!

I don’t know if there are any CSS guidelines written out. You can always investigate the html elements by using the developer tools.

The hotkey on MacOS is Cmd-alt-i. I don’t know about the other platforms.

I found a class called .cm-gutters and changing the width works for me.

thanks. i really don’t know CSS. but i’ll take what you gave me and see if i can fudge it.

So it turns out it isn’t actually the gutter width. I got some help from the Minimal theme developers that solved my issue:

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