Debugging Obsidian (Mobile) + plugins?

Hi there team,

I love, love, love Obsidian. However, I have come across this issue where I cannot enable the Calendar community plugin on an Android device. Installing went fine, and other people don’t report this problem.

Unfortunately, except by printing that the plugin cannot be enabled, I have no other info.

Is there a way to debug Obsidian or this plugin in particular so that I can figure out what’s wrong? Is there a log file that I can read or something? This could be useful for other plugins as well, of course.


OK, I think I found a way. From the Discord server, member Koala:

How to test plugins on Android I think you need to have ADB on your computer installed (I always had that installed; if the following directions don’t work without it, install it); on your android phone you have to enable ADB (it’s under developer settings [tap the build number three times to get these settings]); then connect the phone to your computer over USB; open chrome (or chromium based browser should also work) and type chrome://inspect in the browser. Open obsidian on your phone, then it should appear in the browser. You will have the console and the inspector like you have for desktop Obsidian

I’ll test it soon and see if it works for my issue.


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