Debugger error

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to figure out an error. I have this debugger thing on (I am not even sure how I did it). How do I fix the " this.killLastAction && (this.killLastAction(new Error(“File system operation timed out.”)),"

Things I have tried

Removing apps, moving sync folder from iCloud on all of my devices.

What is the problem that led you here?

Is your problem that you can’t get the debugger not to stop debugging? Or is there some intrinsic error you’re having problem to debug?

I’m assuming the first variant, that you somehow managed to start debugging this thingy, and now you can’t seem to get away from it.

To give a full information on what to do related to debugging is too much for a forum post, but in the upper right part of the debugger window you can find various icons related to the debugging process.


The first order of business is to remove any breakpoints and causes to stop. In your cases that means hitting the rightmost icon which is currently blue, to stop pausing on exception. It should look greyed out.
Next you should disable all breakpoints, by hitting the “sign” with slash across, see image below. This should turn blue, and the breakpoint list should be greyed out.


The final step, then is to unpause the debugger by hitting the play/pause icon to the left. It should then keep running, and not stop anymore. The icon should change to be a normal pause icon.

For safe measures, I would also either switch to the Console or Elements pane of the Developers tools so as not to trigger any other debugger options until you’re ready for it. Or possibly simply close the entire Developers Tools pane by hitting the X above the icon line.


Thank you!!! I’m going to save this just in case it happens again!