DDC automatic folder creation

Hello every one.

A few days ago, in the discord channel under #knowledge-management some people were talking about the DDC ( Dewey Decimal Classification) folder system.

Having this system close to 1.000 folders i was scared for that person fingers trying to create all the folder and naming them.

As such i have made a simple PowerShell script to create all the folders and naming them automatically.

Unfortunately at the present time it places all the folder inside the same directory, but, at least it is faster to move folder than it is to create and mane them.

You can check the script in my GitHub


Script was update with the following corrections:

  1. Deleted duplicated folders
  2. Updated folders names to so they all can be allowed by Windows

The script will now create the main folders and sub folders already on the correct place.

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this is great! how hard would it be to replicate for Library if Congress or Universal Decimal Classification?

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I do not know those formats but you can send me the information and i will convert it or make a appropriate script for that.

sure! depens on what format you need

here’s a site with PDF, WP, and Word versions: Library of Congress Classification Outline - Classification - Cataloging and Acquisitions (Library of Congress)

UDC is a little harder: the main tables and their subtables are here but you have to click through to each:

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LCC folder script completed

You can check this Topic