Day Planner

I like this plug in but i guess it could use some improvements, like better usage. Maby this could be integrated into Obsidian. easier way to change optics

If you have ideas for improvements you can file them as issues on that GitHub page.

dayplanner hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. think it should be considered abandonware


What do you mean by better usage? Does it not function as it’s supposed to?

I bring great news! As proposed and discussed in this Day Planer issue thread, this plugin has been forked and is being resurrected!

Find the new version in progress (and bug-test/contribute if you have the know-how) over in this repo:


Hey guys, is there anyway I can have the weekplaner view option pinned to the top tabs? that way when I start obsidian it takes me straight to the weekly view.

The current workflow takes too many steps: on the plugin (timeline) on the left pane opens up daily view all the way on the right pane
3.I then drag daily view into a tab
4.I then click to change form day view to weekly.

I’m hoping I can eliminate all 4 steps and just open obsidian with the weekly view pinned at the top in one of my tabs. is that possible? thanks

The Homepage plugin has options to set a workspace as your homepage and to open the homepage at startup. You might still have to switch from daily to weekly view.

Thanks Cawlin gonna play around with that.

Another thing I’m trying to figure out is to do with daily note template and recurring tasks showing on day/week planner.

I have a daily note template both using periodic notes and daily note plugin (so that I get a new daily note when obsidian starts). I then set some routines inline on the template and I want it to be recurring so I use tasks plugin formatting such as:

06:30 - 06:45 - Shower/Face cream :repeat: every day :hourglass_flowing_sand: 2024-01-22

I would like to see these on day planner/weekly view. At the moment It’s only showing on the data of the creation but the recurring dates are not coming up. I also tried:

06:30 - 06:45 - Shower/Face cream :repeat: every day {{date:dddd, MMMM, D, YYYY}}. this is based on my daily note template. it makes so that every day a new note gets created it has the date of creation as a title/heading. my logic was that if the inline property has the same metadata it could give me what I needed however didn’t worked.

Do you know how I could get recurring tasks to show up on day planner calendar?


I don’t, sorry. I’m not very familiar with the Tasks plugin.