Day 2: Difference between tags and links

Following a youtube tutorial I tried to create my first vault with Zettelkasten notes inserting topics (i.e. internal links) and types (tags) and here’s the graph view that represents the titles of notes and topics. I was wondering if I’m on a right track?

If I may ask one more questions: should I create another vault with the same topics and tags, are the vaults going to connect through those topics?

Thank you so much for being the best community out there and replying to each and every question of a desperate newbie that I am…

Links do not connect through vaults. I keep everything in the same vault and try to organize them into distinct groups using tags and/or folders. If there’s data that you’d like to keep separate (work versus personal, for example), then using two vaults makes sense.

As for the graph, I think looks good. If you are able to click on a note and follow-through to ideas as you have in your mind, then I think you’ve done it well. That’s how I evaluate my notes.


Thank you, raivivek for your input! It’s good to know that vaults are impenetrable for the links, I thought they were. I’m glad I asked before moving on.