Dates bugged out and are all reading Created 1969-12-31 19:00

I use Obsidian between my PC and my Chromebook and transfer them with a flashdrive, but something must have glitched at some point and now all the created dates for every file seems to have reset.

I back up my Obsidian vault by month and so I have some versions of my vault which might have existed before this bug happened, is there a way I might be able to use one of those old versions to try to restore the created by dates, or if not is there a way to easily fix them manually?

(Obviously not a big deal because if I want to know when certain files were made I could just reference one of the archived vaults, but it would still be convenient to have haha)

Chromebooks use Linux under the hood, and Linux doesn’t track file creation dates in the same way that Windows does*. So it’s likely that when you copied the files back from your Chromebook, the create date on the files was lost.

I don’t know of any easy way to restore the create dates based on the original files, and anyway they’d probably get lost again the next time you move files from your Chromebook.

* The POSIX standard doesn’t require the file system to track create date of files. So some Linux distros track it, some partially support it, and some don’t at all.

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That makes sense, I’m still new to Linux so I’m still figuring out the differences with the file system. I just double checked on my PC and it seems as if the dates are showing like normal on Windows. I should have probably checked that first but when I saw it on my Chromebook I was worried that it would be like that permanently haha

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