Date since property

I want to know how much it has been since I modified a file in this format x days.
So is there a way to use file.mday to get this property in a dataview list ?
It needs to be updated every day, of course. Thank you.

Would something like this work for you?
You would obviously pick whatever tag or selector that suits you, I just tried it with my daily notes as they should (and did) come out in an orderly fashion, in reverse order, with the most recently updated files on top.

table (date(today)-file.mday) as "Since modified" from #daily_note 
sort file.mday desc

Thank you, but if (day(today)-file.mday) = “0”, the field is left empty. Is there a way to display the “0” ?

Also, when I use the same function in list and i write for example list without id (day(today)-file.mday) +, I get null even though the result is not “0”.

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