{{date}} not parse when Obsidian autogenerates a note from my daily_template

The {{date}} field is not parsed when Obsidian auto-creates a daily note from my daily_template. However, when I insert that same template into a blank note manually, the {{date}} field is read and parsed correctly.

Sample template:

Daily Planner {{date}}





due before {{date}}
not done 

Steps to reproduce

  1. Click open today’s daily note from the left side panel.
  2. Daily note shows up with unparsed {{date}} fields.
  3. Select and delete all contents from the daily note
  4. Select, insert template from the side-bar: {{date}} is now converted correctly.

Creating notes directly by clicking into @liam’s Calendar plugin works seamlessly.

This is not a bug. It’s just not supported.
Search/open a feature request.


Thanks @WhiteNoise, I had the impression from the inline documentation within the Obsidian UI that it would be supported. I’ll update the formatting on my end to {{date:YYYY-MM-DD}}.