Date issues in Properties "type mismatch, expected date"

I’m having issues in all my Obsidian files with the Creation date property. Obsidian displays error message “type mismatch, expected date”. This used to work fine, I’m not sure what changed. I’m using this format: DD MMM YYYY | HH:mm

Based on the page referenced in Obsidian (Moment.js | Docs) the format I’m using is correct. Also, this is the format I have used for years and it used to work fine before. As shown on this screenshot Obsidian does recognize this format. Is there a way I can solve this in the settings or in the config files? I did look everywhere I could think of before posting here.

That pipe character, |, in the middle of your first example in your original post is not standard. How do that property look in the source mode? I reckon that instead of a proper ISO date like 2024-03-05 18:07 it actually shows the text as displayed in your example, and hence it’s displaying a text and not a date which becomes the reason for the warning triangle.

But please show us what this property looks like in source mode (not live preview, but the pure source mode).

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Date properties don’t accept that format and as far as I know haven’t since property types were introduced. Did you recently update from an old version of Obsidian? Or did you change the property from a text one to a date one?

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