Dataviewjs render page contents

What I’m trying to do

New to obsidian. I am trying to use dataview(js) with yaml/frontmatter as the main tags as a nosql database, but also want to render the page MD contents below which acts as the styled description section.


name: name1
type: type1
function: property1

## here is a description

stuff here is *styled* 
> and possibly has blockquotes etc

Things I have tried

I thought using would do this but alas it doesn’t render anything

let pages = dv.pagePaths('"data/items"');

pages.forEach(async(page) => {
	let currentPage =;
	let pageContent = await;

I am not sure if this is possible.

You’re essentially embedding pages with that script, and there are proper functions for embedding pages. Although some of them don’t really work, and the reason why has eluded many people already.

Part off the issue, I think, is that Dataview is run very late in the rendering process, and isn’t able to insert pure markdown at the same level as when you’re typing it in your editor. And especially when you try to include a page with a frontmatter you’re bound to get into trouble. How do you expect that to be handled?!

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