Dataviewjs query spacing issue

I am using the following dataviewjs to show the most recent edited pages. The example where I saw this used shows that the page list is bulleted but mine is not. How can I make sure that this outputs a bulleted list?


Not related, but in your code you don’t need the .ts part:

`$=dv.list(dv.pages().sort(f=>f.file.mtime, "desc")`

Related with list output, what’s your output format? You mentioned the desired one, but you don’t say how it looks. It’s a list (one file per line) but without the bullet prefix?

The code is fine. Did you test the result in default theme? (themes can remove the dots/bullet). Did you test in reading mode? (reading mode is the definitive output mode, not the live preview… for example, inline queries have some issues in LP)

Thanks for the code edits.

In the reading view it shows the page links double-spaced without bullets.

In live preview it shows <Promise>

As I said before, did you test the results in default theme?

Yes, I have tried it in default and minimal and it looks the same in both themes.

If the case I can’t help you more. I also have Minimal. It works in both: Minimal and default. (I’m still using the Obsidian public version, not the insider - 16 - with a new look).
Beside the themes you need to disable any snippet you use.
Your issue is css related, not a dataview specific issue.
You can always create a new vault, install only dataview and check the results.