Dataviewjs: combining values in list

I have the following dataviewjs query that is almost what I’m trying to achieve. I’m looking for a list of files (with the front matter “fileclass: issue”) and folders off a root (“Projects/(HO) House”), grouped by the folder each file is in. This query does that.

LIST sort( 
FROM "Projects/(HO) House"
WHERE contains(fileclass, "issue")
GROUP BY regexreplace(file.folder, ".*\/([^\/]+)$", "$1")


My knowledge of javascript is nil and it’s a minor miracle that I was able to cobble together the working code above. :slight_smile:

However, I’m looking to add some more information to each bullet. For example, each file has a priority and a status in the frontmatter and I’d like to add that to the line:

  • Powerwash Deck (1) (on_deck)

Without using a table (list is much easier to read with the grouping)
Second, I’d sort the bullets by priority (1-5) under each folder. Adding “SORT priority” doesn’t do anything.

I’m trying to avoid writing a python script that does this manually. :slight_smile:

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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