Dataview TASK query pulling in all tasks on a page rather than just the specific tag

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to set up a query to bring in all tasks with a specific tag “todo/next-action/basement”
For whatever reason I am pulling in all tasks on the same page as another task with this tag.

Things I have tried

WHERE contains(text, “#todo/next-action/basement”)

no results for that one

and tried this:
TASK from #todo/next-action/basement

This brings in all tasks that are on the same page.
these other tasks have tags such as #todo/next-action or #todo/waiting.
Thank you for your patience and help in advanced!

I forgot to mention, I am also using this in conjunction with the “Checklist” plugin. My hope being I could use the “checklist” plugin to apply tags to specific tasks and then easily pull those tasks to a specific document if I desired.

This is how I sweep up all tasks related to projects, in the various ways that I tend to capture them:

The only bit that I think you need is this:

WHERE contains(tags, "project")

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