Dataview Table with corresponding incoming/outgoing linked notes

Things I have tried

I have got as far as using this query - but unsure how to proceed next…

Table dateformat(file.mtime, “dd.MM.yy-HH:mm”) as “Linked Notes”
WHERE contains(,"@")
Sort ASC

What I’m trying to do

HI Please may I ask for some help please for my Table queries? I been trying to get it to work but am not getting very far. Thank you for your time.

I mark all my notes relating to a person by using [[@name]], and this convention is used through out my database in all of the notes. So there are notes linked to a person, or in this person’s notes, there may be outgoing links to other notes.

I want to create a People index (Table) using Dataview, one the first column showing the persons name, the second column showing all the notes that mentions this person, and the third column all notes that this person’s note mentions.

I got as far as generating the first column using:

Table dateformat(file.mtime, “dd.MM.yy-HH:mm”) as “Linked Notes”
WHERE contains(,"@")
Sort ASC

But not sure how to proceed next… can anyone help please?

Note: the dateformate was just a dummy i used to test… so it is just a placeholder… thank you…

Try this:

TABLE file.inlinks AS "Links from", file.outlinks AS "Links to"
WHERE startswith(, "@")
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You are awesome - thank you. I was getting close, realised i need to use inlinks and outlinks and was still reading up about how to put them togther. thanks!!

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