Dataview: table to show notes with specific tags

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to construct a Dataview table from a specific folder to show in the columns which files correspond to the table headings. The headings are based on tags.

Things I have tried

Here’s my attempt. It does parse, but it doesn’t show notes based on whether they have a tag or not. It shows files which are sorted in date order and every tag is in the table.

"#draft" AS  "Draft",
"#editing" AS "Editing",
"#incomplete" AS "Incomplete",
"#published" AS "Published"
WHERE type= "#draft" OR "#editing" or "#incomplete" OR "#published"
SORT file.mtime DESC

Clearly the WHERE expression and fields are wrong. And I can kind of see why, but I can’t work out how to get what I want.

Could you show an example or two on how you define the type? And is that in the frontmatter?

This is all based on tags in the notes but they are not in the frontmatter

Here’s the ‘wrong’ result:

I imagined that I would see the file name and then in a column #draft or #incomplete – but not all.

You’re still not presenting a typical part of a file , with explanations on what you expect. The wrong output is not helpful as it only displays the literal values from your query.

You’ll most likely need to check the file.etags or fike.tags using one of the contains() methods, but this a somewhat basic query so there are plenty of examples in this forum on how to do this.

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