Dataview - table that contains one of the participants

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What I’m trying to do

Hi - Im trying to create a table of a log of meetings with specific people. I am able to create a table if the participants list has only one name. How do I create one if there are multiple participants?

Things I have tried

This is what I did:

table without id as meeting, meeting-date, participants, summary
from !"Templates"
where contains(type,"meeting") and participants = [[Cara]]

This works well if Cara was the only participant in the call. But, how do I bring a group meeting with Cara and others?


How does the definition of the participants look like in the cases with either one or more participants? Is it placed in the frontmatter or the body text of the meeting note?

Can you use just contains(participants, "Cara"), is that good enough for you?

It is in the body of the note. It shows like this:

participants:: [[Cara]], [[Mike]]

if I only have [[Cara]] it works but when I have more than 2 it does not


Try contains(string(participants), “Cara”)

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