Dataview table reduce min margin between columns

what is the css to reduce this space between dataview columns ?


Table cells will give each other space when there are few enough columns and/or the viewport is wide enough. As tight as things are in the screenshot, you’re down to the padding on td and th elements. It looks like these are being set via this CSS declaration:

.markdown-rendered td, .markdown-rendered th {
  padding: var(--size-2-2) var(--size-4-2);

For my current theme, at least, that’s 4px top and bottom padding and 8px left and right. You could potentially reduce the space between columns with a CSS snippet like:

.markdown-rendered td, .markdown-rendered th {
  padding-inline: 1px;

1px could also be 0 or var(--size-2-1) or whatever you deem reasonable. Some padding is encouraged for readability.

do you know how to make it work on minimal theme?
this css snippet does not have any effect for minimal theme, it seems.
many thanks!

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