Dataview table: possible to link to specific location in table?

I’m creating a large table with words that I find interesting.

let entries = dv.pages('"Entries"'); 

for (let group of entries.groupBy(b => b.tag)) {

  dv.table(["Entry", "Definition", "Language", "Etymology", "Date Added"],
      .sort(k => k.Entry, 'asc')
      .map(k => [
        dv.el("strong", dv.fileLink(k.Entry, false, k.Entry)), 

The reason I’m using dataviewJS is that I’d like the Entry to be bold (and I can’t figure out how to do that in regular dataview).

So this creates a table. But the dv.fileLink obviously links to the other note which includes the info.

Two questions:
Is there a way to link instead to another location in the table itself, not another note, so that if I have an explanation of one entry that contains a link to another entry it would jump down in the same note rather than to the other note?

If it were a static table I’d imagine I could link directly to a section or header. But since is a dataview table, I can’t figure it out.

And second, how can I have the link appear as being Entry: while still linking to a file that has a different name? I can do this in regular dataview with link(, Entry) but I can’t figure it out for dataviewJS.


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