Dataview Table: Occurences with <br> instead of comma

I currently have the following query:

TABLE WITHOUT ID "<strong>[[" + + "|" + dateformat(date(,"ccc dd MMM yyyy") + "]] " + title + "</strong> <br>" + Occurence AS Date
FROM "Reviews/00 Days"
WHERE Week = [[]]
SORT asc

This gives me the result of:

mo 30 jan. 2023 Daily Title
Occurence1, Occurence2, Occurence3

However I’d like to let every occurence start on a new line, something like:

mo 30 jan. 2023 Daily Title

I was trying it with FLATTEN, but that gives me a new row with date-title per occurence and I’d like them to be combined per date-title.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Try using join(Occurrence, "<br />") to override the default join with comma operation.

Sorry for the brevity, I’m on mobile.

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That’s it! Thanks a million!

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