Dataview Table - Manual Date Formatting ^_^

I am trying to create a Dataview table which only shows notes with a chosen date so I can set the Dataview query and check on it over a period of time.

When I have the function:
Where Date = today(date)

The table works; it shows the notes with today’s date in the table, however, it’s dynamic, not static. So to make it static I input the date manually, but a manually inputted date gives me a blank table (No Notes).

I tried to reverse engineer the today(date) function, it outputs “January 30, 2024”. But even if I input that manually I still get a blank table.

Both these returned a blank table:
Where Date = "January 30, 2024"
Where Date = "2024-01-30"
I also tried both dates formats inside square brackets, to no avail.

Does anyone know of a solution to my dilemma? I assume I have the formatting wrong?

The end goal is once I know how to format the date, I can use Templater to Input the required date based on the note title, upon note creation. (Resulting in a Daily Calendar template I can create for past, current or future days)

Given that your date property is actually called Date you could do either of the following:

WHERE Date = date("2024-01-30")
WHERE = date("2024-01-30")

That way you compare a date against a date, and not just a text which looks like a date. And is kind of an alias used for a date found in the file title, or the date property.

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AHHH You’re an absolute champion, thank youuu :heart_eyes::laughing:

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