Dataview Table for Weekly Task Review

I want to create a Dinner Plan Dashboard with the meals from the previous week displayed in a table at the top of the note. The dinners are listed as tasks utilizing the Tasks plugin and each dish has a due date. None of the dishes are sub tasks and none of the tasks ever get marked as completed. I have it set up this way so I can use a simple task query to display today’s meal in the right panel.

I grabbed code from this previous Topic: Create dataview table of multiple tasks within notes and have altered it to fit my folder hierarchy. It displays all of the meals instead of the previous week’s. It also lists all of the dishes under one column and displays information I’m not interested in seeing.

I want instead for the column headers to be the days of the week (Monday - Sunday) and the tasks(dishes) displayed under each corresponding day. I’d also like the due dates to be displayed under the day of the week instead of being attached to each task. My current code follows:

regexreplace(Tasks.text, "\[.*$", "") AS Task,
choice(Tasks.completed, "completed", "incompleted") AS Status,
Tasks.completion AS "Completion Date",
Tasks.due AS "Due Date",
Tasks.created AS "Created Date",
Tasks.priority AS "Priority",
regexreplace(Tasks.subtasks.text, "\[.*$", "") AS Subtasks,
choice(Tasks.subtasks.completed, "completed", "incompleted") AS "Subtasks status", AS "File" 
WHERE file.tasks 
FLATTEN file.tasks AS Tasks 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If what I want isn’t feasible and there are other possibilities, please let me know.