Dataview Table filter by frontmatter in list format

Hello everyone,

The original Issue was already solved here Dataview Table Filter by frontmatter
But now i’m now encountering a new issue. I can’t seem to find a way to filter frontmatter that is written in the list format. Where it looks like this:


  • Author 1
  • Author 2

I’ve tried the following and many more.
WHERE Author = “- Author 1”
With two Spaces " - Author 1"
row[“Author”] = " - Author 1"
even with with the value being in a new line like it is actually written on the note.
Author =
" - Author 1"

But it doesn’t work with any of what i’ve tried so far.

When a frontmatter item (or a property) is written in a list format, Dataview recognizes it as a list.

To check if a list field Author contains “Author 1”, you can use the contains function:

WHERE contains(Authors, "Author 1")
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I did come accross the contains function while searching, but couldn’t get it to work back then.
Thank you for getting this to my attention again. Works like a charm now. :slight_smile:

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