Dataview Table (date(now) - file.mtime) without seconds and milliseconds?

I have a formatting problem and hope someone can help?

TABLE WITHOUT ID   link( as "Datei", link(Kundenname)  as "Kundenname" ,Notizen,Erstellt, Grund,dateformat(Wiedervorlage, "dd.MM.yyyy") as "Wiedervorlage",   Status ,(date(now) - file.mtime) as "Unbearbeitet seit"

from "Notizen" 
WHERE Wiedervorlage<=date(today)  and Status="🟥 Wiedervorlage" or Status="🟨 Offen"
SORT  file  desc

In the table I have the time information, how long the note is unprocessed in hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds.

How do I get rid of the seconds and milliseconds?

there should only be days, hours and minutes.
unfortunately i can’t format it without getting an error message…

(date(now) - file.mtime) as “Unbearbeitet seit”

You’ve got a duration after doing that date calculation, and you can format the duration to your liking.

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