DataView Sum from Tags

Hi - I want to use Obsidian as a way to track and sum numerical values. For instance, in one page (say, “Page”) I want to have the following line:

#expense 50.00

Then, in another page (“”) this line:

#expense 200.00

And in another page (“Yet”):

#expense 1.00

I now want to provide a sum of the total expenses in-line in a sentence in an arbitrary page that I’m using to narrate the activity.

“For this project, I spent a total of $251.00.”

The pieces are there, but my know-how is the limiting factor. Can I borrow a genius to help me with this lift? Greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

I possibly need to restructure the data with the tag. The reason I want to use a tag rather than a YAML field is that I want the ability to note multiple expenses in the same page.

Also, with an eye to the future, I would like to be able to elaborate on the expense on the same line. The current design I believe would require separate lines for the expense/value tag and another for the description. I would eventually want to go something like this:

WalMart - Printer Paper #expense 12.00
Target - Shower Curtain Rings #expense 32.00
Billy’s Backyard Bar - A Beer That Was Just Okay #expense 15.00

That’s about it for now.

Thank you again!