Dataview: Subtasks help

What I’m trying to do

query to acess the parent task of the subtask

like this

  • [ ] test #qrevisar
    • [x] test1⏳2023-06-24
    • [ ] test2⏳2023-06-25
    • [ ] test3⏳2023-06-28
    • [ ] test4⏳2023-06-29

im searching a way to query to get the parent task , if the substask date is not completed and is older than today

today is 26, so i would like to retrieve test task, since i have 1 subtask not completed older than today ([ ] test2⏳2023-06-25)

Things I have tried

From #qrevisar 
WHERE scheduled<date(today) and !completed 

the query above dont work, because the test task dont have date, so its always true
tried also contains method, but i didnt find a way to make it work comparing data

thanks in advance

also tried this

From #qrevisar
WHERE subtasks.scheduled<date(today) and !completed

You need to go the other way around, find the parent task and filter out unwanted subtasks from the children tasks.

You need to do it this way since dataview knows the childrens, but not the parent. (That is, we know the parent line number, but not the task directly, but we do know the children tasks)

Thanks holroy!
Got it, you have a simple query using the task view, that show how to handle the parent and the children for me to work on ?

I read the documentation, tried many things, but was not able to find a solution

im also looking a different approach but i dont know if is possible, grab somehow the parent name to append on the subtask (using dataview inline )

  • test
  • [ ] test 1 (something like that)
  • [ ] teste 2
  • [ ] teste 3

@holroy you know if this is possible ?

What did you try? How far did you get?

Were you able to select the parent task, or see any of its children?

(And I don’t think that second approach of yours will work)

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