Dataview - Result of an inline query as Value for another Field ?

Hi there :slight_smile:

Here is what I’m trying to do:

due:: 2023-09-16
weeks_before_due:: `= round(dur(date(this.due) - date(today)).days / 7)`
work_days_before_due:: `= this.weeks_before_due * 5`

Result as follow:

Dataview seems to take the value as a string and repeat it 5 times like Python would do when given print(str * 5) , while I’m waiting for “work_days_before_due:: 55”

I’ve search for a “eval()” function but couldn’t find it.

:arrow_right: I do not intend to use this only for datetime calculations (sometimes just maths) so I’m not searching for datetime calculation workflow.

Any suggestions welcomed :slight_smile:

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