Dataview : replace booleans by emojis


I’m trying to replace the way booleans are displayed in Dataview. By default it’s just “true” or “false”. But this is quite unpleasing to the eyes.
I use those booleans to track the status of my work.
So far, I didn’t find any way to do it. But I’m quite new to this. Feel free to give me advices !

Here’s the current code :

The line with the boolean value in question is Done AS “Done”,

	Date AS "Date",
	Client_link AS "Client",
	Client_link.Type AS "Client Type",
	Price AS "Price",
	Done AS "Done",

	Amount_delivered AS "Nbr",
	Feedback AS "Feedback"


from #photoshoot  AND "01. BUSINESS"
sort Date DESC

You can use the Choice function as seen in this post:

How to display boolean using Dataview

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